Things To Do After Logging On

  • Go to Preferences
    • Select a priority for how you will receive notifications:
      • Make sure the allow messages from other users is checked.
      • Send me an email for messages with priority equal or greater than __ - the recommended setting is 3.
      • By default the setting is None and no messages are e-mailed to you. In order to send any messages to the group it was necessary to bypass the code that takes into account your message prioity setting. After you have had a chance to set this code, it will be reenabled.
      • Click on the Change Perferences box to apply the new settings.
      • Block captains and editors will be able to broadcast messages to the group or zones (future).
      • You may send a message to another user. If you want something broadcast you will need to request it by sending a message to your block captain.
    • Check My Pages, My Messages, etc.
    • Enter other information - only registered users can see it. Log off & try to get to it.
    • If your e-mail changes, come here and fix it, please.
  • Click on the eye in the upper right corner of the home page so that you will receive an e-mail when the page is edited - usually a new newsletter (You may get some extras as we develop the site further.)
  • Go to ))MyTiki(( (MyPlace)
    • Add, remove, rearrange modules
    • Set bookmarks
    • Send a message to another user
    • Explore
  • Upload your favorite picture of the Lake in the Contest Gallery
  • Vote and comment on the photos.

Things to Come

  • Now that we have s little security, on-line version of the Association resident booklet (may take a while)
  • Photos
  • Assign Zone groups to users for block captain use.
  • Your ideas!?

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Neighborhood Watch

Police Complaints

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Select the 4th Precinct Captain
Call 385-2800

LJHA 4th Precinct Rep


City Code Violations

David Ackerman
635-0705 (City Cell)

Police Dispatcher


LJHA Crime Report

1/1/2014 to 12/30/2016
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