Board Members

Tom Etter President 647-1580 tom_etter at hotmail.com
Dan Edwards Vice President 495-3551 lionrun at aol.com
Paula Smith Treasurer 420-0876 r2dk at verizon.net
Sarah Bucholz Secretary 503-881-8704 sarah.m.buchholz at gmail.com
Tom Cox Director 523-1353 tcox1 at outlook.com
Don Davis Director 515-1701 dondi1577 at cox.net
Peggy Sansone Director 424-3464 paulpeggysansone at verizon.net
Susan Russell Director 424-3443 hionlyf88 at gmail.com
Patti Langman Director 361-6610 langman5 at verizon.net
Angel Laracuente Director 228-547-8388 alloch001 at yahoo.com

Staff & Committees


Tom Cox 523-1353 tcox1 at outlook.com
Craig Langman 361-6610 langman5 at verizon.net
Tom Etter 647-1580 tom_etter at hotmail.com

Budget & Reserve

Paula Smith 420-0876 r2dk at verizon.net


Peggy Sansone 424-3464 paulpeggysansone at verizon.net
Don Davis 515-1701 dondi1577 at cox.net
Lake Hazmat (not algae) 385-4228

Garden Club

Madge Stampe 420-3145 mstampe at verizon.net


Patti Langman 361-6610 langman5 at verizon.net
Linda Major 416-6773 majormail at verizon.net
Patricia Brooks (Welcome Wagon) 420-0101 pabrooks17 at gmail.com


Ted Smith 619-8034 tssmithram at verizon.net
City of VA. Beach maintenance application: seeclickfix (free download Apple Store and Google Apps)

Neighborhood Watch & Lost & Found

Susan Russell 424-3443 hionlyf88 at gmail.com

Secretary and Newsletter

Sarah Bucholz 503-881-8704 sarah.m.buchholz@gmail.com

Security Tags

Terry Parson 424-5045 tizzykat at aol.com

Security Coordinators

Don Davis 515-1701 dondi1577 at cox.net
  • Police Non-Emergency 385-5000
  • Police 4th Precinct 385-2800


Don Hawker 945-6661 donaldathome at cox.net

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Neighborhood Watch

Police Complaints

Click here.
Select the 4th Precinct Captain
Call 385-2800

LJHA 4th Precinct Rep


City Code Violations

David Ackerman
635-0705 (City Cell)

Police Dispatcher


LJHA Crime Report

1/1/2014 to 12/30/2016
LJHA Crime Report.pdf