Dear Lake James Homeowner:

You are undoubtedly aware that a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions has been recorded against all lots at Lake James, a copy of which should have been provided to you prior to the purchase of your home. Among the provisions of the Covenants is the establishment of the Lake James Homes Association which will own and manage the lake and other common areas at Lake James and the establishment of an Architectural Committee to review any proposed construction and/or alteration of structures within the Community. Lake James Homes Association is a deeded property association; owners are automatically members.

We urge you to read the Covenants carefully and not to commence any additions or changes to your home without first requesting approval by the Architectural Committee. If you will submit a sketch with appropriate dimensions, materials, colors, etc., for any such modification, the Committee will give you a response within 30 days as to the acceptability of each improvement. Also, with the approval of the Board of Directors, the Architectural Committee has established fencing and mailbox criteria for Lake James which are available for your review.

We trust that you will understand the desirability of these Covenants and the related procedures in order to maintain aesthetic and architectural consistency at Lake James. It is the intent to create and sustain high standards for the Community while at the same time not unduly restricting how individual homeowners may utilize their property.

Of further importance is the fact that the most important assets owned by the Lake James Homes Association are the lake and the commons areas. Rules governing the Lake and Commons area are listed on this website as 'RULES AND REGULATIONS'. The Board of Directors has asked that we bring to the attention of homeowners, the fact that all storm drains servicing the streets in Lake James empty into the lake, thus making pollution of the lake a constant possibility. We ask that biodegradable detergents be used when washing cars; oil, paint, turpentine, etc., must NOT be dumped into the streets to wash into the lake, or dumped into the lake directly. Over fertilizing is also a source of pollution, so proper care should be taken when fertilizing lawns. Keep street gutters free of leaves and vegetative debris, which when washed into the lake promotes algae growth.

An Architectural Committee composed of three members appointed by the Board of Directors has been established by the Lake James Homes Association. The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions provided each homeowner states the function of the Architectural Committee which, generally speaking, is to ensure the preservation of values and amenities of Lake James. The Covenants empower the Committee to review and approve any changes or additions which owners desire to make on their property. Accordingly, no exterior change, alteration or addition or any improvement by a homeowner may be commenced until the plans and specifications have been approved by the Committee. Requests for such approvals are to be sent to the Lake James Architectural Committee, Box 64928, Virginia Beach, VA 23464. Request forms are available from the Architectural Committee.

The Committee considers itself a service to the Community with the goal of enhancing Lake James and ensuring continued growth in property value for each home.

Please see the updated Architectural Rules and Regulations which were adopted effective 01/01/2017 which appear separately (in pdf format) on the home page of this website.